Mirror Effect

Did you slap him back

When he slapped you?

She launched an insult attack,

Did you fire too?

Did you seek his degradation

Since he smeared your reputation?

Did you slander her whole nation,

Since she mocked your colouration?

That he stole your cash is true,

But it’s sad you pinched his too

And though he’s your sister’s murderer,

Should you be his life blood’s burglar?


You consider him







but you do not realize

that in the mirror of retaliation

you have become

his image



Till we come to the realization

That retaliation

Gives no answers

We shall remain dancers

To our offenders’ tunes

Wearing the very same shoes

Foot-printing the same lies

We say we despise


Wearing shoes whose soles

Have trampled

Our souls

Our defenses crumpled

And riddled with holes


In that mirror

We mould our reactions

After the same actions

Of the ones we accuse

Of abuse

In that mirror

We make ourselves reflections

Of hated imperfections

In the mirror of revenge

When we seek to avenge,

The mirror effect

Takes effect

So I refuse to be the image

And won’t do the culprit damage

Would rather live life in a manner

That I can be the hammer

That will shatter

That mirror

Into kaleidoscope shards


So live life in rejection

Of revenge’s reflection

To reverse

The bitter curse

The old mirror effect.

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